Your organization has been using Salesforce for a while, but lately, you’re not seeing the results you’ve come to expect. You’re not sure how to address the problem or where to find the time to do it. Our consultants look at how much your business has changed since first implementing the Salesforce system. Chances are, it’s time to revamp your custom Salesforce processes to keep up with business growth. CRM Growth Strategy audits your system to get you back on track.

What is a Salesforce Audit?

Our Salesforce consultants provide an audit package for small to midsize businesses that already use Salesforce and need help making changes or improvements to their system over time. Your company might not be using the CRM effectively. New features are added periodically to streamline your operations further. There is always more you could be doing, but you need to be aware of the gaps that exist in the current configuration to know where to focus your efforts.

When do I need a Salesforce Audit?

 You need a Salesforce Audit when you know you aren’t accessing its full capabilities. You may know what it can do, but you’re not taking advantage of it. One of our clients had an in-house Salesforce consultant help with the initial implementation when they first got the system. When the consultant took a position with another company, she didn’t have anyone monitoring the CRM for updates. As time went by, the configuration was getting too outdated to keep up with new Salesforce releases, and it was affecting compliance with security needs.

CRM Growth Strategy professionals worked with her team on the Salesforce Audit for a month. The result was a roadmap to address her concerns, identify situations where we could streamline processes, and optimize the configuration. We have been working closely together since.

Here are some of the things we discovered during this client’s audit:

A Salesforce release including a critical update was missing in her configuration to convert attachments to files. This is important because we know future Salesforce releases will likely remove attachments from the platform altogether. If your organization implemented Salesforce years ago, you need to review your current version and go through several steps to begin converting files to attachments.

We also needed to convert automation processes designed with Workflow Rules and Process Builder to Salesforce Flow. Salesforce announced in recent releases that they are moving forward with Flow as a core feature of their platform. In the Spring 22 Release, Salesforce provided a tool that converts your workflow rules to a flow, but it won’t work for every rule. We can help you convert all your workflow rules to Flow so you can access new features and advanced automation capabilities. It's important to take advantage of these new tools since they will continue to evolve within the Salesforce platform in the future. It’s easier to adjust to making small changes than overhaul the system years down the road.

What is the Best Way to Do a Salesforce Audit?

 You hire professionals like CRM Growth Strategy to do it for you. We access your system, review your current configuration, meet with you and your team to discuss your business processes, and learn about your current pain points with Salesforce.

By leveraging Salesforce tools, like Health Check and Salesforce Optimizer, we help identify what needs attention in your Salesforce Org - your custom data and metadata that drive the system. Health Check is focused on security settings, while Optimizer covers everything from storage, fields, custom code, layouts for objects, dashboards, and reports. After going over the results:

  • We ask questions based on what we find in the system and what we learn from you and your team.
  • We uncover the main gaps in your system and create a road map based on what we learned during the audit process.

 When the audit is complete, we begin an implementation project to align your Salesforce Org with your business processes.

How Can a Salesforce Audit Streamline Your Processes?

During the Salesforce Audit, we meet with our clients to establish their current and future goals and where they fall in the process. We use our knowledge of the CRM system and how it works with other business applications to help clients streamline their business operations. If you’ve kept up with updates and new releases, we may only need to check a specific box to enable features that immediately improve the configuration and optimize the system.

We’ll schedule four to five weekly meetings with you and your team during the audit and adjustment period to help you understand how to use the system better and know when minor configuration adjustments are necessary. This process is usually completed in four to six weeks and results in a custom roadmap to meet your system and business goals.

Once finished, we recommend moving to our Salesforce Admin retainer package for continuous support. Now that we know your business and the current state of your CRM and business processes, it makes sense to keep working together to get the most out of the system. Here’s why:

  • Your organization is growing, and it will keep growing. As it grows, you will have new business processes and systems that need to be tracked in Salesforce.
  • You’ll have new team members joining your organization who will need help quickly getting up to speed in Salesforce. New hires benefit from hands-on training with a Salesforce certified consultant to understand and use your custom Salesforce configuration.
  • Salesforce provides three releases a year. You’ll need Salesforce admin services to review the new features coming with each release and identify which ones are relevant to your organization.. 

The Salesforce Audit package is great for organizations that know they need help but don’t know where to start. This package clarifies the scope of work involved and how much to invest in it. CRM Growth Strategy understands your business needs, and together we develop a valuable long-term relationship.

But, what if I don't have Salesforce yet, how do I get started?

If you are ready to begin using the Salesforce CRM or want to migrate from another CRM system, we provide a Salesforce Implementation package. Schedule a discovery call to learn more! We’ll explain how we customize the system to your organization to give you the most return on investment. We’ll talk about integration with sales, marketing, and customer services applications and processes. CRM Growth Strategy Salesforce consultants work alongside your team to find out which CRM features work best to optimize your business processes before implementing the software