A case study on how to use salesforce as your real estate CRM System

Salesforce is much more than your typical CRM. It is fully customizable so that you can have the most relevant data for your industry right at your fingertips. If you are reading this blog, you may have some interest in how to use Salesforce, or CRM systems in general, and how they can adapt to the real estate industry. We have a Salesforce CRM success story to share with you that combines the features of Ascendix.

Ascendix for Commercial Real Estate

AscendixRE is a CRM product built on top of Salesforce to service the specific needs of those in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. It has a customized functionality, user experience, security, and updated tools to boost broker productivity. There is an incredible amount of industry-specific information that can be automatically tracked and managed for you:

  • Properties
  • Listings
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Tenants
  • Title Companies
  • Property Management
  • and many more

There tend to be many more contacts and step-by-step processes involved in each commercial real estate transaction than for businesses in other industries. Brokers must track information for every relevant party necessary for the transaction, along with a long list of property details to quickly and accurately match buyers to sellers and complete a sale within their time constraints. Having accurate data at your fingertips influences whether the client continues to work with you or finds someone else. 

Struggling with a Commercial Real Estate CRM

CRM Growth Strategy continues to have the privilege of working with The Urban Collective (TUC), a forward-thinking brokerage firm in the Commercial Real Estate market in Denver, Colorado. TUC was already using Ascendix, but the software was not configured in alignment with how they do business. They needed to have a clear distinction between processes in different areas of operations that could relate to each other. There were also issues with maintaining the accuracy of their property listing information. 

TUC puts significant effort into researching properties of interest in key strategic locations. They then compile all the information they need about the properties, organizations, and contacts who own the real estate. Once all this data has been recorded, it is imported into Ascendix. The Ascendix application provides steps and documentation to import the data correctly. However, there were still issues with properties not being linked to the correct contacts and accounts. TUC also ended up with some duplicated contacts and accounts because previous transactions were already recorded in the database. It’s pretty common for property owners to have purchased other real estate in the past in different locations. 

The CRM Growth Strategy Solution

Our first challenge was to make it easier for TUC brokers to see the current and previous information about property owners to develop a beneficial relationship. TUC also needed a more strategic approach to its business development activities. Together we reconfigured Ascendix by adding Salesforce Flow and Lightning App, a business process automation feature that allows you to implement complex logic without having to code. This new feature helped us improve the data import process and create a flat data structure that contains information about all properties and their relevant contacts and account details. 

The Urban Collective Result

With the new Lightning App implementation in Ascendix, TUC now had the perfect configuration for their CRM data quality and use. We taught them how to use Salesforce effectively by streamlining the process for importing new properties, making it easier and more accurate. The result is quick access to data that they can trust. 

The Urban Collective was able to adapt quickly during the time of COVID-19 and continue moving forward as a company. It has been so successful that we are packaging these workflows and adding them to the Salesforce Appexchange, an enterprise cloud marketplace with ready-to-install apps. TUC continues to grow as a successful commercial real estate business when many of its competitors are declining in productivity and sales revenue.

Are you in Commercial Real Estate and wondering how to use Salesforce CRM systems more effectively? Do you need help to get the most out of your implementation or customization? We are Certified Admins for Salesforce CRMs and how they are used differently across industries. We are very familiar with add-ons that help customize the needs of Commercial Real Estate businesses and brokers. If you have questions, we’re here to help.

Salesforce may not be the right solution for you. We are also experts in many other CRM systems and can help you compare them by seeing which aligns best with your current business processes and budget. If your business is struggling to grow, automating your sales and marketing processes can immediately improve operations, increase sales, and expand your business.

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