3 Reasons Your Leads May Be Falling Through the Cracks

A consultation with Small Business CRM Coach starts with a few pointed questions about your business and marketing efforts:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • How do you generate new leads?
  • What tools are you using to manage your leads and sales data?
  • Are your leads warm or cold?
  • Is your CRM system providing results?

If these questions make you "umm" and "ahh," then chances are some of your leads are falling through the cracks. Tracking sales leads more effectively takes a configured CRM system to be sure you don't lose a single opportunity.

To answer these questions about business and marketing processes easily, you must use a CRM product that is customized to suit your specific small business needs. A well-oiled CRM system can provide valuable information about potential customers and clients. This information can give you an edge when converting leads into sales.

What Your CRM Can Reveal

Imagine being one step ahead of your opportunities at all times. If you're a small business owner and you're not using your CRM to gather valuable information on your contacts, then it's time to schedule a consultation with a CRM system expert and learn:

  • How new leads are finding your business
  • Which lead magnets are generating the most interest
  • How leads initially engage with the business
  • How healthy your sales pipeline is

3 Common CRM Mistakes When Tracking Your Sales Leads

When implementing a CRM for the first time on your own, it often results in leads falling through the cracks. We want to help you avoid these mistakes:

Mistake 1: Not knowing your ideal client

You must know how to identify your ideal client. Many small business owners generate massive lists of mostly irrelevant contact information. An extensive list is a great goal, but only if it is an active, engaged list of ideal customers. Contacts who are not in your wheelhouse have no value to you or your business. A small list in a targeted demographic is much better, and you will be able to generate one on your own by tracking your data effectively.

Disengaged or irrelevant contacts can negatively impact your reputation when you reach out to people who don't need your services or ask for information. Spamming can have terrible effects on responses to emails, phone calls, texts, and online messaging. People who talk negatively about your business can impact the leads who actually fit your ideal client demographic. And, if your marketing campaign isn't targeting people who meet your client profile, you're wasting time and resources on efforts that won't result in potential sales or growing your business.

If you think you are moving in the right direction, take extra steps to ensure potential clients are a good fit for you. This process may vary depending on your industry, but it is often in the form of an email campaign that delivers a short quiz, questionnaire, intake form, or survey. This provides you with information about the contact and gives people an idea of the value they will get from working with you.

Refining your leads means increasing efficiency while lowering the chance of letting leads fall through the cracks.

Mistake 2 - Having no follow-up process for new leads

Once you gain a new lead, it is equally important to cultivate it. New leads quickly disengage if they don't receive follow-up communication after subscribing. A CRM system is designed to automate the follow-up process to build a personal relationship and track responses, so you don't have to reach out to each individual and update accounts manually. That is a huge timesaver for you, and it ensures that no opportunities are forgotten.

This automated follow-up reminds the prospect that you're still there when they need you. Without the nurturing process, people move on to your competitors. You can ensure you'll be top of mind if you continue to provide value from their first inquiry into your products or services.

Mistake 3 - Not using your sales pipeline

After you capture warm leads interested in your product or service and add them to your follow-up campaigns, there is still more work to do before converting them to clients.

You'll need to track them using the CRM sales pipeline feature. Configuring your sales pipeline to match the stages of your sales process keeps an eye out for client activity that tells you they are ready to buy. The sales pipeline feature can really help those in the business-to-business (B2B) environment, where it takes more time to close a deal. The sales pipeline can help you remember exactly what happened when you last communicated with a potential client. Being able to recall details of a conversation three weeks ago lets people know you care about the relationship and builds trust in your brand.

Together, we can get results

A CRM system customized adequately for your business will always provide a great return on investment (ROI) when properly implemented, and marketing and follow-up campaigns are directed to your ideal client. Keep your contacts warm by "dripping" valuable communication and content to nurture the relationship. It's easy to automate your sales pipeline to verify qualified leads, track them throughout the process, and be sure no one falls through the cracks. If you're not sure where to begin, Small Business CRM Coach offers consulting packages to help your small business hit the ground running. We're here to help!

How are you tracking your clients and potential sales? Is your business growing? Do you need a better system, or are you having a hard time figuring out how to use all your current CRM features? Contact us for Small Business CRM Coaching and Consulting to help you choose between desktop applications or cloud-based solutions with more data storage options and access across digital devices. 

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