Updated September 14, 2022

At CRM Growth Strategy, we work with business owners who are passionate about leveraging technology to expand their businesses. They are ready to grow by using CRM tools that help their teams streamline processes and save valuable time they can devote to other tasks, collaborating with team members or clients. The transition usually involves one of two situations: 

  • An organization turns to Salesforce to improve their business but suddenly realizes they need assistance configuring the system before using it. And they didn’t consider the need for user training or system maintenance.
  • The business has been using Salesforce for a while, but never implemented it by customizing the features or integrating with other business systems. They are not getting the visibility or return on investment they need and feel frustrated.

In either situation, a business owner might consider hiring someone full-time to configure the system and make it operational. However, a full-time dedicated Salesforce employee can be costly. A new hire might know Salesforce from a technical perspective, but not enough about your specific business to implement the system effectively. They might not have the experience to ask the CEO or Marketing and Sales team the necessary questions to uncover business processes that lead to a greater understanding of how to maximize the Salesforce CRM features.

Outsourcing a Salesforce Expert

Correctly setting up a CRM system requires business knowledge and expertise to leverage Salesforce functions that manage the unique processes in your company or industry. For example, we often work with tech companies. While developers are great at writing code for software, they don’t always understand the best way to implement an application for their own business.

Salesforce recommends an implementation process known as crawl, walk, run because implementation is not just about adding users to the system. It is a gradual process where we take smaller steps until we get the system up to speed and reach your business goals. Luckily, hiring a dedicated Salesforce employee to do this isn’t your only option. CRM Growth Strategy can step in to Design your Salesforce Solution, Develop customized processes, train the users to adopt them, and Deliver an efficient CRM system that only needs minor ongoing support to keep up with changes in your company.

Some Examples

We recently came across a business owner who previously subscribed to Salesforce because he wanted more visibility over his sales team activities. However, he never implemented the system. After a year, he canceled the subscription. The business owner started using another simpler CRM approach, but no one was happy with it.

Another client has been using Salesforce since 2014. They got started with the help of a part-time Salesforce Admin, but after a few years, the employee left. The client relied on them to keep things updated and running smoothly. It would be a challenge to start over by hiring and training a replacement.

Even if a new employee was familiar with Salesforce, it could take time to find the right fit for the company and teach them the nuances of the system customized to their business environment. Going through the hiring and training process would be costly, especially if it didn’t work out.

After doing a little research, the client decided to outsource the work to CRM Growth Strategy instead of hiring. We have been working together and adjusting their configuration to be more aligned with their needs. After a little fine-tuning, we transitioned to ongoing support for changes and updates that would not only keep things running smoothly but continue to improve their processes.

Training and Convenience with Sales Cloud

The users of Salesforce need CRM Coaching to use it properly and understand the system to benefit from a streamlined operation. We also look at the amount of information shared between team members and explain the value of securely accessing data from any device or location using Sales Cloud.

Once implementing the system, you’ll still need help for ongoing support. With Sales Cloud, the maintenance of the system is done remotely and doesn’t require a full-time employee to monitor it. Your outsourced Salesforce Admin conducts the following activities monthly: 

Software Updates

  • Check if changes in a new Salesforce release are going to impact production

User Management

  • Monitor logins
  • Communicate with users and training new users
  • Optimize user experience

Data Management

  • Review duplicates
  • Maintain data dictionary
  • Refresh sandboxes
  • Delete data that is not relevant


  • Review roles, profiles, and permissions
  • Run system health checks
  • Align with other technology system updates
  • Review login history


  • Meet with business leaders
  • Evaluate report usage
  • Check custom reporting features
  • Update business performance metrics

If your company can’t find the right resources to fill in-house Salesforce roles, outsourcing the position may be your solution — contracting help can often provide the best value. 

Today’s CRM platforms are much more robust and complex, requiring customization to implement and integrate with sales, marketing, and customer service teams. If your employee has walked out the door with your Salesforce knowledge, you don’t have to train a new employee to implement and use your customized CRM processes. A CRM consultant already has the breadth and depth of experience for successful implementation and saves money on additional salaries and benefits.

Get the Assistance You Need

Whether you choose outsourcing your Salesforce needs temporarily, or plan on using it long term, CRM Growth Strategy is here to help you get the most out of Salesforce. Learn more about combining our services with in-house staff to best help your growing business.

CRM Growth Strategy may be a good fit as your Salesforce implementation partner (and beyond) if you are a small to mid-sized business with 10-50 team members who will be working with Salesforce. If you need guidance on getting ready for Salesforce, or need help updating your current Salesforce systems, schedule a discovery call with us and find out how we can assist!