CRM Strategy to streamline your processes.

Drive strategy and sales with a fully implemented customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Not sure which CRM to choose for your business? Take our Quiz and find out.

Not sure which CRM to choose for your business? Take our Quiz and find out.

Ways to make Salesforce work for you

Public Sector

Measure your economic impact, member management

Private Sector

Measure your KPIs and ROI and member


Grant management, disbursement, donors & member management


Investment management, relations, and disbursements

Is Salesforce working for you?

  • You don't have time to figure out Salesforce
  • Too many features to know what to use first
  • Your team is not using the system
  • Your business processes are not refined
  • Salesforce does not provide the visibility you want
  • Salesforce is not being used to make strategic decisions

If so, you need to customize your Salesforce App. Once implemented, you’ll be able to “see” your process and make strategic business decisions.

Steps to greater visibility

Our proven Small Business CRM Playbook™ will get your teams and business processes on the same page.


Complete the questionnaire so we can discuss your unique situation.


Connect and configure your CRM solution to your business processes.

 Managed Services

Increase your visibility, leads, and make more sales.

Lidi has been an incredible partner in our Development work at Rocky Mountain Prep

She not only helped us update and build out our Salesforce platform but provided us with coaching that shifted how our team leverages Salesforce in our day-to-day work. We now have a monthly process for reconciliation between our finance and development teams to consistently stay on track throughout our fiscal year. As a school network, our accounting is complex, so Lidi's insight and expertise have been essential to building a Salesforce system that makes this process possible. Lidi is also just a genuinely kind person who approaches her work with a sense of humor, thoughtfulness, and care for each of her clients. I highly recommend her for any and all of your Salesforce/CRM needs 🙂

Lela Johnston

Rock Mountain Prep

Your CRM Strategy Partner

As a growing business, you’ve likely had sales opportunities fall through the cracks because you lack visibility into your sales pipeline. 

Our technical background and business experience lead to a unique strategic expertise that enables us to help growing US companies like yours set up their Salesforce CRM in a way that aligns with operations and increases efficiencies - saving time and money. 

You get a tailored service, not just out of the box – which means we listen to you, understand your business needs, and then work together to create the system that’s best for your company. 

We also provide long-term support, so your organization stays on track and makes the most out of Salesforce. 

At CRM Growth Strategy, we empower businesses to grow using our proven CRM Playbook™. 

Salesforce Certified Administrator
Certified Platform App Builder
Certified Salescloud Consultant
Certified Service Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Partner

Your CRM Coach

As the owner of a small but growing business, you’ve likely had sales opportunities fall through the cracks because you lack visibility into your sales pipeline.

You need a better system to manage your sales process but don’t have the time or resources to manage and maintain a CRM, which is frustrating.

Hi. I’m Lidiane Mocko. At the Small Business CRM Coach, we empower businesses to grow using our proven Small Business CRM Playbook™.

Our process will help you gain certainty and visibility into your sales cycle, so leads stop falling through the cracks, and you make more sales.

Grow your business with a CRM

A CRM provides visibility into your sales pipeline so you know who to follow up with and when.

Waste Less Time

More time following up, less time finding data

Better Strategic Decisions

Know where prospects are in the pipeline

Make More Sales

Maintain touchpoints and relationships with clients

Commonly asked Salesforce questions

What is your process?

Our process is broken into three phases: Design, Develop and Deliver. When we work on the Salesforce platform we create the configuration in a Sandbox and work with our clients to review and test the configuration before moving to production. You can find out more about what happens in each phase in this link.

How long does it take?

It depends on the size of the business and the goals of the organization. If the goal of the project is focused on the sales pipeline, we can work on it over a 3 month period. If you want to incorporate other areas of the organization and other business processes beyond sales, then it will most likely take more time to implement the system. 

Why should I work with you?

We are a good fit to work together if you know that you need a CRM and your time is more valuable moving your business forward than figuring out the technical details of how to configure the CRM for your organization. I take an educational approach in my process, helping you and your team to learn the system during our work together. 

Avoid these 5 mistakes when getting started with Salesforce CRM

Photo of Lidiane Mocko with the title 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Salesforce

Salesforce is the perfect system to help you achieve your business goals, however, the learning curve is steep.

We have outlined how you can avoid making crucial mistakes during Salesforce implementation to help you on your journey!

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing Salesforce CRM

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