Marketing automation for the success of your organization

Non-profit organizations like yours work hard to improve our world in big and small ways. Your success depends on tracking donors, fundraising, and measuring your impact. But trying to track all that in Excel spreadsheets wastes hours of valuable time and gets confusing quickly. Salesforce for Nonprofits through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can support your good work in so many ways.

If you think your non-profit is too small for a CRM system, think again. Let’s look at the Salesforce CRM Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as an example. As its name indicates, it’s specifically designed for non-profit organizations just like yours.

Customizing CRM Systems

Salesforce’s CRM pack isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, though. You wouldn’t want it if it were since it needs to be customized to your organization to maximize the benefits. You can’t just plop it into your computer network and be ready to go. It needs instruction in the form of data configured to specific fields.

When Small Business CRM Coach consults with a non-profit organization, we begin with questions to learn about existing business processes. Are they well-established and working effectively? Or do we need to start our partnership by helping you map procedures? Without that, no CRM can be customized for marketing automation.

Choosing and Implementing your CRM

Once everyone clearly understands the role CRM systems can play in reaching your goals, we can guide you through all the options and select the best tool for you. We’ll configure it to your specifications, oversee or carry out the data transfer from your old system, and coach your team to learn and adopt this new tool successfully. They’ll soon experience its benefits as it saves valuable time and becomes a growing resource that helps them nurture relationships with donors and volunteers.

Are CRM systems like Salesforce NPSP right for your organization? To help you answer that question, consider these four key benefits of CRMs for nonprofits:

1. Customizable software that meets your needs

Each nonprofit has its own procedures and goals to achieve a mission. A very important customization for a nonprofit is to track the outcome of each initiative, report it to your donors, and keep your community engaged. With help from someone with technical expertise in CRM software, Salesforce can be completely customized to track the information that’s most valuable to your organization.

A certain operational maturity is necessary for the most successful custom configuration of CRM. That’s why we invite an organization to examine its business processes early on and see what data needs to be captured to streamline them. With that in mind, we can set up your system to reduce time-wasting activities (manual processes) and evaluate information quickly to make important decisions, raise more money, and cut expenses. Greater efficiency is multiplied in your community by improving the efforts of each volunteer or employee.

2. All your data in one place

We start by helping our clients move data from old legacy systems, documents, or spreadsheets into the Salesforce NPSP system or other recommended CRM. With all your data in one place, it’s easy to analyze information and watch your organization develop over time.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is a powerful tool that allows nonprofit organizations to compile all their data in one place for team members to access. Small Business CRM Coach will train and guide your team to use it, explaining how it helps them. It’s vital to have the buy-in of all stakeholders to follow the new process. Success depends on it.

3. Integration with other applications

Staying in touch with your donors is absolutely essential. You thank donors by showing them how their investment is changing lives, offering special promotions, and inviting them to your next event or gala. All these tasks require up-to-date contact information and integration with other tools such as email marketing and event applications. One of our nonprofit clients, Rise Above Colorado, experienced the benefits of simplified work processes when we helped them integrate their Salesforce CRM with Constant Contact and Eventbrite.

Salesforce for nonprofits integrates directly with your website to automatically save important contact information from donors and constituents directly to your database. This makes it easy to segment mailing lists and engage specific people with targeted messages who impact your organization in different ways. As your communication and tracking improve, you’ll see a tangible impact on the success of your organization.

4. Cost-effective solutions

Customizing a CRM for your organization will move you forward. The right CRM solutions can meet technology needs and your budget. Increased efficiency gains a higher return on investment (ROI) once new processes are adopted. You need to be sure everyone is on board as quickly as possible.

Adopting new software takes time. The only way to reduce it is by hiring an expert who knows the questions to ask and has the skill to configure the system quickly. Even if you can use your system straight “out of the box,” you will need a designated staff member to be trained in Salesforce or a knowledgeable consultant to get past your team’s resistance to use it properly.

If you’re not sure about using marketing automation or how to use the Salesforce CRM once it is installed, we can get you started with a free version and up to ten users to see how much it can benefit your workplace. We recommend CRMs for nonprofits because we recognize the importance of what you are doing and believe this tool can help you do more.

How are you tracking your donors and administrative processes? Is your organization growing? Do you need a better system, or are you having a hard time figuring out how to use all your current CRM features? Contact us for Small Business CRM Coaching and Consulting to help you choose between desktop applications or cloud-based solutions with more data storage options and access across digital devices. 

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