CRM data input processes are the key

We have been extremely fortunate to work with some great clients and solve some tough but rewarding challenges. Implementing a CRM system is often an overwhelming task, but it becomes a less stressful process if you work with an experienced team. Ultimately, the goal is to create a smooth transition that retains sensitive data while providing some much-needed automation and support.

One example of a successful CRM implementation is our work with the nonprofit Rise Above Colorado. Focused on preventing drug use in teens, Rise Above Colorado had a substantial network of contacts that needed to be maintained. Unfortunately, the database they used to store contacts for fundraising became obsolete, and they needed to find a new home for their data without losing anything important in the process. Rise Above Colorado did their research, though, and learned about Salesforce and its Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Through the Salesforce Foundation, nonprofit organizations can use Salesforce for free and allocate up to ten users. Rise Above Colorado made an easy decision to use their system.

Setting Up Salesforce and Migrating Data

Knowing which system to use was only part of the update process. There was also the critical issue of getting years of necessary, historical data into Salesforce. This included donation lists, schedules, contact, and usage information for all of the teachers and teens involved in their projects. They reached out for CRM coaching to help migrate all their data into Salesforce, but that’s not all. Since Rise Above Colorado is such a strategic organization, we gave them additional Salesforce tips to use CRM data input that makes it easier to cultivate strong relationships with both teachers and other members of the community that are in contact with teens on a regular basis. They also produce relevant video and web content to foster engagement with teens and disseminate it to the community. Once that’s done, they spread the word to teachers and others who work with teens.

Replacing the Old Process

Previously, when someone set up an account on their website to volunteer or access information, a staff member would receive a notification email. She would manually reply to each person with a thank you note and provide information about additional resources one by one.

Using the New Salesforce CRM System

A streamlined process uses web-to-lead forms on their websites. If someone sets up an account or a teacher uses their videos, the contact information goes straight to the Salesforce database. An email is automatically generated and sent out right away with a thank you note and additional resources available. But you might be thinking, “What if the same teacher uses their videos with different classes? Do they get multiple records?” No. Small Business CRM sets up customized features to identify duplicate emails before adding them to the database.

Improved Outreach

Before, the same staff member would reach out to teachers a few times a year - usually during the beginning of the school year or after winter break. This staff member would email the teachers who signed up to remind them of their resources. There was a considerable amount of manual work that went into managing contacts and emails. Now, they can accomplish everything automatically in Salesforce and spend time on other essential tasks. 

Since we segmented their CRM data input, it is easy to identify all the database members who will benefit from learning more about Rise Above Colorado’s resources. Salesforce has a mass email feature to identify potential opportunities for outreach and streamline the email schedule and messaging processes. As a result, Rise Above Colorado is reaching a greater number of teachers more consistently. This increased the number of students being reached through Rise Above Colorado by 149% within a year after implementing Salesforce. And that is not all! We have also helped Rise Above Colorado with:

  • Reports and Dashboards: They know how their resources are being used
  • App customization: They can track activities in the organization for performance
  • Salesforce and Eventbrite integration: They can manage events smoothly with less effort

This is just one example of what Small Business CRM Coach is able to accomplish using Salesforce tips to help you succeed. Whether you are a nonprofit organization or for-profit business, we can help!

How are you tracking your clients and potential sales? Is your business growing? Do you need a better system, or are you having a hard time figuring out how to use all your current CRM features? Contact us for Small Business CRM Coaching and Consulting to help you choose between desktop applications or cloud-based solutions with more data storage options and access across digital devices. 

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