Last year, we became an official Salesforce Partner. It has been a wonderful opportunity to continue providing a boutique consulting service experience to our clients, with the added support of Salesforce itself. 

With this change we took the time to review our services to be more aligned with what we are learning through the Salesforce Partner program. Are you wondering what services we offer as a Salesforce Partner? 

We offer three core services:

  • Salesforce Audit
  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce Audit

What is a Salesforce audit?

At CRM Growth Strategy, we offer a Salesforce Audit as a way to start our relationship with you and your team. The goal of this package is to review your current configuration, understand your business processes, and identify the main areas of improvement for your system configuration. All of this helps set your business up for the most success using Salesforce.

Who is this for?

Our Salesforce Audit is ideal for organizations that have been using Salesforce for a while, but they are not getting the results they expected from the system.  It is possible that after years without adequate updates, their Salesforce org might be a mess right now.

Why is Salesforce a mess?

There are several reasons why Salesforce is a mess

  • Salesforce is a mess because they have tried to implement it themselves without fully understanding how CRM systems work. 
  • Or because they didn't hire another consultant after the last one left. 
  • Or because the organization is growing quickly, and the configuration that was originally done no longer matches their needs. 

One of our clients that hired us for a Salesforce Audit is an organization in the financial services industry. They worked with a Salesforce consulting company for a while, but the consultant they enjoyed working with left the organization. Their CEO at the time was concerned about Salesforce updates that were not yet reviewed and updated in their Salesforce Org. 

Our Salesforce Audit engagement allows us to create a roadmap for their implementation. Since then they moved into our Salesforce Implementation and we are now under a Managed Services engagement. 

What is the deliverable?

The deliverable for our Salesforce Audit is a roadmap document with recommendations for how to adjust your Salesforce configuration. This includes estimates and a roadmap to revamp your Salesforce implementation. 

You can move forward with confidence that you are on the right track to increase your team's productivity and get more visibility over the activities of your departments.

Salesforce Implementation

What is a Salesforce Implementation?

Salesforce implementation is a process of reviewing your organization's business processes and mapping them to the CRM system. A CRM is a system that comes with a set of business processes embedded in it, but the default configuration from Salesforce rarely matches your exact process. It will need to be modified to fit how your organization does business.

During the implementation process we review your processes and update the system to align it with how your organization works. This includes reviewing and updating the marketing and lead management process, sales process, customer service process, and configuring reports and dashboards to help you track your key performance indicators, to name a few. 

Here is a more tangible example for you. You probably have seen that classic Sales pipeline image, haven't you? That Sales pipeline view is tied to a Sales process configuration in the CRM.

We adjust the language used in the system to match the vocabulary used by your organization. It sounds silly, but this configuration makes it easier for your team to understand the system and embrace it. 

We provide training for each department in your organization, to help them understand how to use the system and how the system can help them increase their productivity. 

After an initial set of configurations, we also work on the integrations with other systems and automations that can improve the user experience. 

This is an iterative process that requires engagement from your team along the way.

Who is it for?

Our Salesforce Implementation packages are for two different types of organizations.

Most are for growing organizations  who are implementing Salesforce for the first time. They are either moving from another CRM into Salesforce or they have never used a CRM before. At this point they have achieved enough business growth that tracking sales and customers in spreadsheets is getting out of hand. 

A couple of years ago we helped Access Opportunity to get started with Salesforce. They were using a different CRM system, but it was not giving them the visibility they wanted. It was not allowing them to collaborate in the system at the level that they wanted. 

We worked together for a full year, laying down an initial configuration for their fundraising team and then building up additional configurations and integrations for the programs team. You can read about our work together through this link

We also offer our Salesforce implementation services as a follow up to our Salesforce Audit package. In this case we have a defined scope of work that we agreed and prioritized, knowing that these updates will bring the most value for your organization.

What is the deliverable?

The main deliverable of a Salesforce Implementation is a customized version of Salesforce that is best aligned with how your organization operates. It also includes documentation of how the system was configured, as well as training sessions.

Salesforce Managed Services

What is a Managed Services package? 

Managed services is a term often used in the IT industry to describe the outsourcing of the management and maintenance of certain systems. Salesforce is a great platform, with a lot of bells and whistles that allows us to do a lot of great configurations. If you aren’t familiar with the system, it can become overwhelming very quickly. 

With all this power, it requires maintenance. Salesforce has three releases each year. With each release there are new features incorporated into the system and old features that are being retired. 

It is important to have someone keeping up with these changes and helping you to understand which new features are relevant for you and your team.

Who is it for?

This package is ideal for our clients that have worked with us through a Salesforce Implementation project. This requires an ongoing engagement to keep your system running smoothly. 

We have several clients that started with a Salesforce Implementation or Salesforce Audit and are now working with us under a Managed Services engagement. We customize this engagement to match the needs of each organization, depending on the number of users, integrations and the overall system maintenance needs.

What is the deliverable?

The deliverable for our managed services package is the proactive maintenance of your system.

  • We will let you know about new features that will help you and your team with productivity gains. 
  • We notify you of system changes and features that will be retired, and help to understand how those changes will impact you moving forward. 
  • We keep your documentation updated as well.

Find out what CRM Growth Strategy can do for you. 

CRM Growth Strategy offers boutique consulting services to help you get the most out of Salesforce. Learn more about combining our services as a Salesforce Partner with in-house staff to best help your growing business.

CRM Growth Strategy may be a good fit as your Salesforce implementation partner (and beyond) if you are a growing organization with up to 100 team members who will be working with Salesforce. If you need guidance on getting ready for Salesforce, or need help updating your current Salesforce systems, schedule a discovery call with us and find out how we can assist!