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Aligning your CRM with how your business operates is how we do it.

Not sure which CRM to choose for your business? Take our Quiz and find out.

Not sure which CRM to choose for your business? Take our Quiz and find out.

We empower growing business owners

As the owner of a growing business, you’ve likely had sales opportunities fall through the cracks because you lack visibility into your sales pipeline.

You need a better system to manage your sales process but don’t have the time or resources to manage and maintain a CRM, which is frustrating.

We empower businesses to grow using our proven CRM Playbook™. Our process will help you gain certainty and visibility into your sales cycle, so leads stop falling through the cracks, and you make more sales.

Get the most from your CRM

We will NOT work well with you if you...

  • Want it all "done for you"
  • Need everything done yesterday
  • Are not willing to meet regularly
  • Don't have an adequate budget
  • Don't embrace diversity

We will work well with you and your business if you...

  • Are open to learn about systems
  • Can trust the process
  • Want to engage and collaborate
  • Take ownership of your own your systems
  • Embrace diversity

Your CRM Strategist

As a growing business, you’ve likely had sales opportunities fall through the cracks because you lack visibility into your sales pipeline. 

Our technical background and business experience lead to a unique strategic expertise that enables us to help growing US companies like yours set up their Salesforce CRM in a way that aligns with operations and increases efficiencies - saving time and money. 

You get a tailored service, not just out of the box – which means we listen to you, understand your business needs, and then work together to create the system that’s best for your company. 

We also provide long-term support, so your organization stays on track and makes the most out of Salesforce. 

At CRM Growth Strategy, we empower businesses to grow using our proven CRM Playbook™. 

Salesforce Partner

Christine Villarin
Christine Villarin
Lidiane Mocko has been an amazing help to our organization. Every time we needed help with SalesForce, she was very quick to respond. Working with Lidi surprised me because you can tell she really cares about what she does. It's very rare to find people like that and I am very thankful to have been able to work with her and CRM Growth Strategy.
Project Self-Sufficiency selfpower
Project Self-Sufficiency selfpower
Lidi is very knowledgeable in her role and supported us through a Salesforce platform Lightning migration. I worked with her on planning and preparation, she asked good questions, took detailed notes and shared with me, and held two training sessions with our team, once the migration occurred. She taught us some tips and trips and created videos that we can reuse for training and process documentation. I appreciate Lidi's expertise and wonderful energy!
Leah Brandt
Leah Brandt
We have used Salesforce as our CRM since 2012. In that time we have used various consultants and DIY to administer our instance. Our company has grown significantly over the past two years, which caused us to need a consulting company that would make sure our Salesforce instance worked the best for us. We chose to work with CRM Growth Strategy after being referred to them by a consultant. I love working with Lidi and her team. She takes complicated concepts and breaks them down so non-technical people can understand them. She took the time to learn about our business and came up with solutions that work with how we use Salesforce, which is different than the "out of the box" way Salesforce is used. I feel like I have a partner in making sure Salesforce and our team works best.
Tracey Flower
Tracey Flower
When I joined the Access Opportunity team as Development Director in the fall of 2020, the organization was beginning the work of establishing new organizational processes, growing the team, and implementing new resources to continue to strengthen its foundation and ensure sustainability in the future. Implementing Salesforce was a HUGE part of this work, and a big priority for everyone on the team. Before Salesforce, we were using two separate CRM systems, one to track fundraising and donor relationships and another to track student data and program partnerships. As the organization continued to grow, it became increasingly challenging and inefficient to manage all of this data in two systems. The CRM program we were using for fundraising, specifically, was not designed for use in a nonprofit setting and we had shoe-horned our data into record types and fields that didn’t translate well into dashboards and reports. As a result, we were also using spreadsheets to track fundraising data, which led to time lost entering data multiple times into multiple repositories and confusion amongst team members about where to find the information they needed. We knew Salesforce was the right solution for our organization and I knew from previous experience the importance of working with an expert from the beginning to configure the system to our specifications, import our data, and train our staff. I was referred to Lidi and Small Business CRM Coach by a development colleague and we chose to work with her because of her depth of experience working with both Salesforce and with the nonprofit sector—it was definitely the right choice! Lidi is a genuine expert and approached this project as a true parter in the work. From our data imports, to our system configurations, to helping us establish new processes, she has managed this process in a way that has been efficient, organized, and incredibly detail-oriented. I have worked with other Salesforce consultants in the past, but none have understand the unique challenges and needs of a nonprofit in the same way Lidi does. While the overall system functionality and processes Lidi created will make a big difference in our ability to grow and track our fundraising initiatives over time, I think the little tips, tools, and integrations that improve work on a daily basis are the real game-changers because we’re able to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. We are so grateful for Lidi and we are constantly in awe of what a game-changer this has been for our organization. Hiring Lidi to help with this project was the best decision and I would recommend her/Small Business CRM Coach to any colleague in a heartbeat.
Natalee Deaette
Natalee Deaette
I've been working with Lidi to implement Salesforce so that we can more effectively track student progress through our college and career access program. She found the perfect balance of supporting our vision while also giving constructive feedback about some of our requests, as she wanted to ensure that we ended up with a clean, coherent set-up that can be sustained long-term. We are so happy with the outcome of our work together. Lidi has been a pleasure to work with (she even treated us to a delicious Brazilian snack during our team training!). I strongly recommend her and her services.
Margaret Romney
Margaret Romney
I called Small Business CRM Coach to help me with my CRM when I got stuck in a snarl of automations that didn't make sense, awkward customer flow, and blind spots with what I was offering to whom. I had taken numerous courses and webinars from my own CRM company, thinking I could figure it out on my own, but understanding software is very different than understanding what your own business processes, are and how to choose what I needed my CRM to do for me. I had met Lidiane a few years ago and could see that she had the background, the expertise, and the gentle hand I needed to get things flowing.  I was surprised by her not only helping me smooth the problems I knew about, but have the big-picture view to show me easy next steps. After working with Small Business CRM Coach, I feel much more confident about my automated communication, I'm clear on what steps bring financial success, and I know my customer experience is in line with my brand, goals, and values. Thank you, Small Business CRM Coach!

Your CRM Coach

Choosing the right CRM for your business can be overwhelming. Figuring out how to configure the system is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. That's when a coach can help you to get it done.

I am Lidiane Mocko. I've helped business owners save time, increase revenue and improve their processes since 2014.

With our Small Business CRM Playbook™ we will guide you through this path to get the most out of your CRM.

If you are trying to find the right CRM for your organization or if your CRM is not giving you the visibility you would like, reach out.

Do more with less, by leveraging the power of your CRM.